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About Us

We have been existing on the cosmetics market since 2003. In the initial phase of activity we were dealing only with packaging. In 2005, MEHO Cosmetics started producing its own cosmetics (under the logo of the Customer) and since then we have become specialised in the production and packaging of care cosmetics. In the third quarter of 2011, we expanded our activity with a new service – production and packaging of perfumery products.

MEHO Cosmetics is both the specialised personnel that regularly takes part in trainings allowing to expand the knowledge and to stay abreast of current prevailing trends, as well as the constantly developing modern machinery park. The cooperation with Ms Magdalena Wiśniewska – a specialist in the field of formulation is our additional trump.

We also act on the basis of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). In order to meet our Customers' expectations we offer comprehensive services in the process of cosmetic production – from design to the obtainment of finished product, with the possibility to choose the convenient stage to start cooperation.



  • care cosmetics manufacturing
  • high quality services
  • expert advice
  • full discretion