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Quality Control

Taking care of the high quality of the services and products, we guarantee the quality control at each stage of production. Each time, the following are subject to inspections:

  • packages supplies,
  • cosmetic raw materials supplies,
  • produced cosmetic masses (perfumery blends and care cosmetics batches),
  • intermediate product,
  • finished product.

A strict system of controls conducted by the Quality Control department, as well as by the warehouse managers and packagers results in the fact that the final product achieves high quality and meets the expectations/requirements of our Customers.


In order to guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction at Meho Cosmetics, we are implementing the Quality Control system with the use of Alternative Method - AQL.

AQL - statistical quality control; random control with the use of alternative method

The purpose of this approach is to eliminate all negative factors lowering the quality of the company’s products and services. The approach assumes that good quality is not a matter of coincidence or a result of wishful thinking, but the effect of scheduled and coordinated actions of all of the company’s departments.

The key assumption related to the quality control is the adoption of the rule that the ultimate controller is the customer. The optimal form of quality control is the one aiming at making the customer satisfied to the largest possible extent.

Quality control serves three basic purposes:

  1. To identify the problem.
  2. To prevent its occurrence.
  3. To eliminate the problem.


The purpose of the taken actions is to limit to a minimum the possibility of quality deterioration at particular stages of making the product.

Striving for consistent achieving of the best possible quality of the products.



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