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What we do?

In order to meet the Customers’ expectations we offer services at each stage of making the product.

For the Customers who want to create cosmetics under their own label (regardless of the fact whether they have an idea for a cosmetic, but do not have facilities to make it, or the so-far supplier has withdrawn from cooperation or does not keep deadlines) we offer the following:

  • creating a recipe for a new cosmetic or recreating the already existing recipe,
  • assistance in the selection of proper raw materials and reliable suppliers,
  • creating a graphic design of packaging,
  • assistance in the selection of proper packaging and their suppliers (both domestic and foreign ones),
  • technological, legal and marketing consultancy,
  • production of masses,
  • packaging and customising of the product (among others dosing, labelling, packing in single cardboard boxes, film application, packing in collective cardboard boxes),
  • transport across the country,
  • storage,
  • punctuality.

For the Customers who do not have a definite idea for a cosmetic, we additionally offer to choose from the abundant offer (currently almost 50 products), which is constantly being expanded with new products.



  • care cosmetics manufacturing
  • high quality services
  • expert advice
  • full discretion